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    LEGO Batman 2 review round-up: Old dog charms with the same tricks

    All the review scores in one place... In our Lego Batman 2 review we said it's the "Lego game as you've come to expect - not deep, demanding or particularly complex, but applying charm with Kryptonite effectiveness through dozens of fully playable, fully voiced superheroes and a puzzle-packed...
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    Scrapyard Dog

    Extra shield Move Louie half way across the screen when starting any level. Pause game play and press B. If Louie is in the correct position, an extra shield will be added. The text "Shield Awarded" will appear at the bottom of the screen to confirm correct code entry.
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    Scrapyard Dog Cheat Codes (for Atari 7800)

    Change Background Music Press the Left Difficulty switch. | [Sent by Stryker82]
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    Battle Zone: Rise of the Black Dog

    8006A1C2 0001 Infinite Armor 8006A1C1 0001 Infinite Ammo 8006A1F5 0001 Level Select 8006A1C0 0001 Add Building 8006A1C3 0001 Add Satellite 8006A1D7 00?? Always Play Level Modifier (Americans Pilot Mode) 8006A1F1 00?? Always Play Level Modifier (Soviets...
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    Red Dog: Superior Fire Power Cheat Codes (for Sega Dreamcast)

    Drive or Die Expert Multiplayer Level At the Level Selection screen, highlight Drive or Die Expert Multiplayer Level and hold L + R for 3 seconds. Helter Skelter Multiplayer Level Play 20 or more multiplayer games without turning the system off. Then change your options to make the game save...
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