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    Dissidia Prologus problems need help please!

    Hey guys I have ofw 6.37 and I found this thing called fake_np that signs games size 758 mb and lower. Now I downloaded an English Dissidia Prologus that was cso and used PSP ISO Compressor 1.4 to uncompress it back into an iso. I did this because the fake_np only works with isos. So after that...
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    Does legally bought Dissidia Prologus save work with hacked psp downloaded Dissidia?

    As the title says I was wondering if a legally bought Dissidia Prologus save will work with the full Dissidia game if I get it when I hack my psp and download it?
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    can final fantasy dissidia run on prometheus 5.50 ?

    been told on another thread that it can if i use iso tools but can't get it working.don't know if i'm doing the right thing in iso tools but it just crashes after you create a game save.i know the iso is good.any pointers please.
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    help about importing prologus to dissidia duodecim

    well i got US versions on both hands but it says corrupt data when i try to IMPORT the prologus data...
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    does final fantasy dissidia works on prometheus 5.50?

    everytime i finish making a new game the screen goes white plz help me im a noob at this
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    Dissidia 012 dlc download?

    Hello I was just wondering if its possible to download all the dlc for dissidia 012 somehow. I downloaded the full game off the internet so I didn't purchase the game to get the alternate costumes from retailers like gamestop. This page shows that there's is 5 costumes and one assist character...
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    What CFW do I need to play Dissidia 012 and anything else including PSX games

    OFW 6.35 willing to upgrade to 6.37 of course. PSP 2001 Anyone have the opinions which is the best to do? I have a Pandora battery and Magic Memory Stick if need be. Sorry I haven't been able to find anything to help me. Sorry for the bother. Thank you.
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    Final fantasy Dissidia 012 doesn't work. :(

    Well I've downloaded Final Fantasy dissidia.iso the english version I've waited for some time and it didn't work. :( I've search a lot and didn't find any answers I'm currently using Cfw:5.03Gen-c(full) and my Psp model is TA-088 v3 So far My psp can see the iso and cso but when I started the...
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    Dissidia: Final Fantasy Copy Protection

    How do you get around the copy protection i cant find it online but i know it exists. If anyone knows and could give me instructions thatd be great. Im on 6.60 PRO B-9 psp brite (3001)
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    New Limited Edition DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY PSP Entertainment Pack

    so will it have 5.50+ when it comes out?
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    Dissidia Duodecium lags and then freezes on title screen.

    I switched to 6.20 TN-E, it's cool having plugin control on the XMB. But none of my "Normal games" are working. By normal I mean bought off PSN, they either give me an error or shut down the psp. I have two ISOS (Both bought on umd and ripped) Duodecium is one of them, while Kingdom hearts birth...
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    Sorry another Dissidia 012 question

    I have both the DLC Cloud costume and Aerith assist, however IT'S NOT WORKING and I'm not sure why and before everyone tries and kills me for not search the search function isn't working... Does anybody know how I can get it to work? I'm at my wits end haha.
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    Dissidia 012 - remains a black screen after launch

    Hi, I just downloaded Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 and I can't seem to get it to work.. I've tried ISO tools, the only thing that was different is now the game doesn't shut off after turning black. I'm 100% sure it is a clean iso. I have a firmware of 5.00M33-3. Can anyone help me solve this...
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