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    System Disk 2

    Since this is a Dreamcast site has anyone considered the development side? Well I'll explain what System Disk 2 is. These discs were used to enable a retail Sega Dreamcast unit to read Sega Dreamcast GD-R media encoded in the same region as the unit. If you ever come across a Propeller arena...
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    Please help me I need a boot disk or a DC-X disk

    I am cpu stooopid. I followed the directions and downloaded and unzipped the file utopia and burnt it with disk juggler on create new CD and then put it in my dreamcast turned it on and there was a floating turning cd. 1st time I hit on the play Icon and a japenese voice talked and I hit back...
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    Street Fighter 3 Boot Disk for PAL Dreamcast.

    I only have two import games, Rez and Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike. I downloaded and burned the 'Utopia' boot disk, this works for Rez, but seems to crash when used with Street Fighter. Anyone have any idea if there are any other boot disks which would work with Street Fighter?
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    A new custom PSO Disk

    For awhile i have tought about this and thanks to elements created by gallade, kra and smith i am going to have a very custom PSO Disk. Features will be: File swap so that ultimate ending pictures are no longer red ring rico but the uraending instead, i always wanted to atually see these...
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    GD-ROM Disk Repair Question

    I bought a copy of Ready 2 Rumble: Round 2 yesterday, but my DC wouldn't read it due to a small, but deep scratch on the disc. I attempted to repair it using a CD Cleaner that has fixed minor scratches on other DC discs, but this time it didn't work. So I visited my local Gamestation (UK) who...
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    Easier & Quicker Boot Disk...

    I was on youtube and watching game reviews of japanese shmups and this guy said to buy this. So I wanted to show everyone this. It really easy, just put it in the dreamcast and follow the dreamcast. I think this would be easier for new dreamcast owners or people not wanting to go through the...
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    Another Boot Disk Question

    Sorry guys, I am going insane, I have been trying to create a boot disk for the last 7 hours. I have not been having much luck with google in that time and I'm about to throw the dreamcast through the window. I just bought my 1st DC. Been wanting one for years! Bought a PAL-E version. There is...
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    DreamPi Setup Disk for Dreamcast

    Has anyone with the experience thought about making a DreamPi setup disk for the Dreamcast? When you insert the CD and press execute it changes all the Dreamcast network settings to be compatible with the DreamPi and all games? This would then standardise everyones settings. This would make the...
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    Driver 2 - cheat to second disk?

    I recently downloaded a Driver 2 eboot to play on psp. Is there a way to get to the second disc without having to complete all of disc 1? Such as getting a gamesave from somewhere?
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    Multi disk UMD on 5.50

    hi all, i've been trying to get some of these new multi-disk UMD games to run in iso form on CFW 5.50 Prome-4, but there doesn't seem to be any way of swapping UMD images. The images themselves boot up fine, but it requires you to swap them within game and there's no functionality for that in...
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