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    Star Wars: Rebel Strike - Bonus Disc

    1 (M) Must Be On 2NA2-D437-0PPM6 6FPM-7447-T0U52 N9AP-QEMG-J2X8A W03J-A7N3-Z41DN H64X-9B38-GNRDM 09MU-8KYV-M1KME 7VFG-QE5Q-T4VYW Star Wars Arcade 2 Infinite Shields TW06-2KKM-EJYD2 CWR4-CXTY-MUMQJ 3 Max Score 9RHG-C5D6-4TQU8 2DFD-K42K-F2QG1
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    Dreamcast boot disc?

    I wanna get the NFL 2K Dreamcast games on a PAL Dreamcast. Can you send me a link to a Boot Disc on ebay as i had one off ebay before and it said "whoever you bought this off cheated you" or something along those lines, so i'm unsure what they look like colour wise etc...
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    how to burn .cdi images to disc

    how would I burn a .cdi image to a cd-r disc to use in dreamcast?
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    Boot disc issues

    Hi, I hope this isn't too much of an inconvenience, but: I've been having problems getting boot discs to work correctly. I eventually figured out Utopia doesn't support VGA mode (which is what I'm using), Codebreaker simply told me every disc I inserted was invalid. CDX got to the dreamcast...
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    What boot disc forces VGA for backups.

    I'm sure its been talked about over and over again but I cant find it. Is there a boot disc that forces non vga games to vga? I'm talking about backups not original games. Is DCHakker what I'm looking for? Thanks friends.
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    Make Disc Self Boot?

    I saw "Sunrise Eiyuutan" on dee cee isooo zoone and it looks cool but it's not self-booting. How to make it so? Thanks.
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    Won't Boot From a Disc Anymore?

    Wow! Nice to see an active Dreamcast forum! I searched for this before I posted and didn't see anything quite like this, so I hope someone can help me out. This weekend, I decided to get to some DC games that I never finished (nothing against the games, it's just how I am, especially with...
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    Custom Phantasy Star Disc

    Hello. I tried making a custom Phantasy Star disc, I got everything setup. But then I found out that boot dreams doesn't support commercial games (Katanna Binaries). Is there a program that does, I couldn't find one but maybe someone here with more experience could shed some light on it? Or...
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    VGA compatible cheat disc

    What cheat device works with VGA mode? Gameshark? Action Replay? Code Breaker?
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    Which is better - MK Goldor MK Gold (NTSC, Red disc)

    Hello. I was just curious to know if anyone here can tell me the differences between the two. Was MK Gold (NTSC, red disc) released after the PAL game and is less buggy than the PAL game or is the PAL edition the same as the red disc edition? Thanks.
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    SSFIIX Translated - Solo Disc

    Alright, I'm almost finished with this. It turns out that my burner has some issues with burning multi-session discs with CDRecord (or something... I don't know, but it will not work), so I've been finding all instances of English text in the translated version that's part of the 5-in-1 disc and...
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    Disc Rot ? Or Not ?

    I was searching for my collection of Homebrew Dreamcast cds tonight and eventually found them in an old leather case next to the wall behind a wardrobe. Ok, I'm not the tidiest or most organised person in the world........ I opened the case to find about thirty or so discs in, well they were...
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    Let's talk about disc rot on DC discs for a second

    Any of you guys ever heard of disc rot? If not, to make a long story short, people say that due to pressing errors and low quality pressing facilities, a certain % of discs in a batch will have noticeable problems in the data foil area of the disc - and that this has nothing to do with the...
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    Cool PS2 demo disc of dreamcast games

    Saw this on ebay. I never saw it before. It's kind of a cool piece of history, Sega promoting some of the final Dreamcast games on a disc for the PS2.
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    In Need Of Shenmue Disc 1!!

    Hello I need Shenmue Disc 1, if any one has an extra one lying around and would be willing to let it go please let me know!
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    Japanese Shenmue Undub Patch disc?

    There is any Shenmue Undub Japanese Only -> JAP with English subtitles? I Own only Japanese Shenmue... EDIT: Fixed the title.
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    Power Stone Disc Diffrences?

    I was looking at some guys Dreamcast games , I bought some but I saw his Power Stone disc, and it looked diffrent than mine. His was shiny while mine isnt. Does anyone know why?
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    I painted a PAL dc disc case today

    Pictures taken with my webcam, hence the low quality and mirrored aspect I've been toying with the idea of spraypainting one of my DC's cases silver. I haven't spraypainted on plastic before and wanted to test my paint on something else plastic before going ahead on a DC case. So I...
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    Does Anyone Have An Extra Shenmue Disc One?

    Hi, When I first got my Dreamcast (used) it came with Shenmue, but it didn't have disc one. Does anyone have an extra disc one they can part with? Thanks.
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    Transient disc reading issues; laser or not?

    I'm getting some transient disc reading errors and I want to verify that it's actually the laser before I do any pot tweaking. - Disc reading errors are typical: it either fails to load at start, quits loading after the Sega logo, or eventually crashes after playing for some time. - The errors...
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