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    Could you trick/make a broadband adapter to play dial up games?

    I was wondering if the broadband adapter could some how connect to a dial game, is it possible? There are a lot of dial up only online games and if the broadband adapter could connect to them it would make it easier to get online as well as make people more willing to connect online with the...
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    Dreamcast Online using dial up over CABLE?!? Youtube video

    Saw this on video on youtube and was interested because he was able to connect and I have the same modem as him. I think I know how he connected but I can't tell because he shot it in the dark, can maybe someone explain? https://youtu.be/p_2LKVwFKhc
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    EA: NFS The Run 'didn't come together' but Most Wanted will 'dial it up'

    Publisher to continue dual studio strategy, Labels boss confirms. EA's said it's not ignoring how poorly received last year's Need for Speed, The Run was among some editorial groups and consumers. Click here to read the full articleRelated Stories Diablo 3 tops May US game sales Tony Hawk...
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