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    how to play Multiplayer picodrive, dgen, sness

    Hi I wish to play Sega MegaDrive Roms Multiplayer on my PSP. Picodrive - Not possible yet. but I perfer this Emu. DGEN - I seen a youtube video, It is possible, but how? I am using Dgen 1.70 lite, other version dont work. I used adhoc 1 and adhoc 2 on both psp, both ways round. but nothing...
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    Dgen Lite Adhoc

    How do you get Dgen Lite to enable adhoc mode? I saw the Comm Mode option that either says Disable, 1P (adhoc), or 2P (adhoc). But I cant figure out how to get it to connect. Or does the LITE version even support adhoc? NVM, I just decided to install time machine and use the older version.
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