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    Firefox is getting new icons; Mozilla shows off two competing designs

    Mozilla Fresh off the "Moz://a" branding from last year, Mozilla is creating new iconography for Firefox and the many Firefox derivatives it ships. The Mozilla blog showed off two competing design systems that will dictate the future look of the Firefox logo and...
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    SNES - G.O.D (Dynamic Designs Translation)

    Hello again Any chance for a 'walk all over everything on the world map and in dungeons' code please for this game? very much appreciated, have a great day.
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    Town & Country Surf Designs Instruction Manual

    Town & Country Surf Designs Town & Country Surf Designs ------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRODUCTION -------------------------------------- O.K. dudes, the time has come to really get radical. You and the rest of "DA BOYS," T&C's famous group of skate and...
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    Town and Country Surf Design's Cheat Codes (for NES)

    Get lots of points On the skate session, doing a railslide on the rail that's 4 bars high gets you 1000 points. Go up on it and come down right away, and jump back up again. Keep doing this until the rail runs out, earning 1000 points each time.
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