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    Deer Hunter 2014

    Contract HuntsContract Hunts usually require you to get a set number of specific targets within a time limit. These types of hunts reply more on your reaction time than strategy. A number of animals will enter your surroundings, and you have a limited amount of time to take down the required...
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    Deer drive [r3vefp]

    R3VEFP DEER DRIVE Infinite Ammo 040396FC 909F0024 If SCORE Decrease, MAX C2042B68 00000002 3E0005F6 3810E0FF 901B00B8 00000000 1 Shot CLEAR C203E138 00000002 800300B4 900300B0 60000000 00000000 FULL Gauge 04039FB0 D02300E8 04038F90 D0FE00E8 C203E5A0 00000002 3E203F80 923F00E8 60000000...
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