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    Need advice to decide for my first PAL Shmup

    Hello everyone, My first thread is nothing but questions, sorry for that. Since I'm trying to complete a PAL set, I'm wondering which PAL Shmup to start with. Basically I do not own any DC Shmups but would like something colorful with nice sounds and gameplay. Is there any particular game...
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    Can't decide which CFW to use

    I'm new to the whole PSP CFW thing and I've been searching and I need help on deciding which CFW to use. I have a PSP 3001 that has 4g module, currently it has 6.20 OFW. Should I update the OFW to 6.39 or stay at 6.20? Also can I log on the PSN with CFW? Also, in order for 6.20 or 6.39 to be...
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