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    Is there a DC-Talk IRC?

    If not, there should be one. It would be cool to be able to chat with everyone, I realize there's a chat function built into the boards but it doesn't seem to see much use. If anybody wants to get one started and handle the op duties that would be pretty cool. Or if nobody steps up, I wouldn't...
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    Any DC-Talk members traveling for SCR 2014?

    SoCal Regionals 2014, the,biggest Fighting game tournament major in my area. Since the organizers have confirmed a BYOC Casual Area, I will be in attendance as a spectator, supporter, but more importantly putting our beloved Dreamcast system on the center of all competition with a few setups...
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    Any DC-Talk members going "37 Reloaded" this weekend?

    37 Reloaded is a tournament event that commemorates the 10 year anniversary of perhaps one the most important moments in competitive gaming. Known as "Evo moment #37" this feat took place at Evolution Championships 2004 between Diago Umehara and Justin Wong during the Street Fighter III 3rd...
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    My brother joined DC-Talk!

    Hello, everyone! I just wanted to tell you some great news! My brother has joined the DC-Talk forums! :D I don't know what made him choose to join, but the only thing that matters is that he has joined. He hasn't made any posts yet, but he is here. :) His username is eatin67, if you want to...
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