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    Cyber Troopers Virtual-On: Ontario Tangram

    Been looking for one of these in complete and working condition for awhile. Man, this is a PERFECT port of the cabinet! I remember playing this as a teenager in the local Mall Arcade for hours with other Mech Loving dorks. LOL. The reason I bought a DC 2 years ago was for the Arcade Ports of...
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    Beyblade Metal Fusion Cyber Pegasus (EU)

    Credit Goes To The CMP Team Game ID: BBUP-9AC39042 S Rank 121024E0 00000606 Max BP (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 021024B0 000F423F D2000000 00000000 Player Spin Gauge Max (Press Select + L) 94000130 FDFB0000 221024CD 0000003F D2000000 00000000 Enemy Spin Gauge 0 (Press Select + R)...
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    Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Cheat Mode At the password screen, enter CHTMD2 to unlock the following abilities during game play: Password - Effect Hold select and press L - Current character gets caught by the Phantom Virus B - Cycle through all the sounds in the game Hold Select and press R - Skip Level Hold...
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    Cyber Tiger

    8115E1D6 0000 Only 1 Shot Recorded Inventory Item Codes 800B4412 00FF Max Distance & Wind Cutter 800B4411 00FF Max No Bounce & Tee Up 800B4410 00FF Max Accuracy & Skipper 800B4413 00FF Max Spinner & Burrow 800B4420 00F0 Max Mystery 810AE840 401F Big Head
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    Base Wars - Cyber Stadium Series Cheat Codes (for NES)

    End a game quickly To end a game quickly, watch the HP of your opponents. If it gets below 100 then he will die if he gets hit by a fast pitch or loses another battle. Once three opponents die they will forfeit and you win. To do this even faster, use one of your best players (one that has a...
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