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    Mass Effect 3's 'Director's Cut' arrives next week

    BioWare issues its response to fan uproar. Fans went mental over Mass Effect 3's ending and BioWare has responded. The new 'Directors Cut' DLC will arrive free of charge on June 26. Click here to read the full articleRelated Stories Need for Speed movie 'fast tracked' for 2014 release...
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    Ballz: The Director's Cut Cheat Codes (for 3DO)

    Huge Balls Pause the game and press Left, A, Right, Down, B, A, Left, Left. | [Sent by Syndish] Infinite Time For unlimited time, pause the game and press B, A, Left, Left, B, Left, A, B, Left, A, B, Left, A. | [Sent by Syndish] Smaller Balls Pause the game and press A, B, Left, Left...
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    Resident Evil ( Directors Cut ) Cheat Codes (for Playstation)

    Change clothes Rescue the other two players and finish the game. The phrase "You've got the special key" will appear after the credits. Save the game. Start the game that was just saved. Enter the room with the large mirror on the second floor of the mansion. Unlock the door in the back...
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    Resident evil: Directors cut

    RESIDENT EVIL: DIRECTORS CUT Sony PlayStation is a Trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment America. Resident Evil is a Trademark of CAPCOM. *NOTE: This manual is a near exact duplicate of the Resident Evil Directors Cut manual which is...
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