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    Trying to convert SMT: Personato .CSO, but to no avail... any help?

    Okay, I'm trying to convert the .ISO of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona (U) to .CSO, but whenever I take the crap out (update folder and crap... All the basic stuff for conversion) and load up the game, it goes to the SONY screen (when you start a game) and it stays at black. I've had this problem...
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    Optimizing my .ISO & .CSO games

    Hi, I have been in the mood to get the most out of my 8 GB ms. I am having trouble optimizing Killzone liberation. All I want is to remove languages other than English in killzone liberation, but I don't see anything like a "Lang" file in the .cso. I was able to delete all the languages other...
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    need help .iso and .cso file install ??

    some .iso and .cso file after download look like( PSP_GAME and UMD_DATA) so how to put this type of files in psp??plyz help
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    Noob trying to run .cso on ME-8/PRO-B8

    Hey there, I've been fiddling around with ME-8 and PRO-B8 on my PSP 3000. They both seem to work, I've managed to run SNES9X Euphoria without any problems, but every time I try to run an iso or cso, it doesn't work. I've tried putting it in an ISO folder in the root, in the GAME folder, in the...
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    Running .cso on B-8

    Got B-8 successfully installed thanks to the great tutorials, but what I can't figure out is how to play .cso files? I've tried putting them in my game directory directly as well as putting them in a folder in the game directory, but they show up as corrupted data. I tried looking for answer to...
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    .CSO Problem

    I have a PSP-2001 w/CFW 6.20 PRO-B6. It wont play .cso files, did I miss something?
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