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    Crown Wars: The Black Prince - Faction Overview

    Crown Wars: The Black Prince - Faction Overview
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    Dragons Crown

    Hacked by 정지혜 BLJM61041 1.00 Max Gold on Gain SET OGP=4081000C3CC005F560C6E0FF60C50000606600003C60000A6067F238 SET COP=600000003CC005F560C6E0FF60C50000606600003C60000A6067F238
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    Defender Of The Crown

    Super armyHold R while the battle sequence loads. 1024 Knights will be available for defense or offense.
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    Defender of the Crown game genie codes (for NES)

    Defender of the Crown ZAVVALGO Only 10 soldiers in your Garrison AZVVALGO 40 soldiers in your Garrison AAEOUPPA Soldiers for free LAEOUPPA Triple the cost of soldiers GAEOKOAA Halve the cost of knights APEOKOAA...
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