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    Sudden crashing(?) while attempting to play PSX games

    sup everyone~ My PSP-2000 crashed suddenly while attempting to play Spyro the Dragon. It booted up, and then it came up with a menu with about like 12 different choices, and I picked a random one thinking it was inconsequential. It is now in a state where the green light stays on and you can't...
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    Daedalusx64 crashing

    just got the new beta 3 677 version for my OFW psp 3000 got three games: doom 64 duke nukem64 duke nukem zero hour legend of zelda ocarina of time. played duke nukem zero hour and doom64 and they crash the emulator and psp right at the beginning. duke nukem 64, duke is white along with the...
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    snes9xtyl0.4.2 Emulator crashing as exiting

    I have 6.39 PRO-B8 CFW installed with the Snes9xTYL 0.4.2 emulator. When i go to play a game and then exit, the emulator crashes and restarts the PSP. Is there a patch or fix for this? or maybe a setting to change?
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    Help Meh! Super Gey PSP Crashing

    Soo i recently updated my psp fat from 5.50 prometheus-4 to 6.39 so i can run patapon 3. it worked but for some reason my setting options aren't working (usb connection, system settings, theme settings, etc) when i clik on it my psp freezes and then shuts off. everything else works. when i...
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