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    Gmae crashes when using cheat

    I got the PPSSPP emulator when my old PSP stopped working. I have a game called Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team and it always crashes when I enter the following: _C0 1P +2 P Fusion gauge FULL = 500000 _L 0x6027B850 0x0007A120 _L 0x00020005 0x000002D8 _L 0x20000014 0x20000074 _L 0x2000006C...
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    tactics ogre let us cling together crashes on the 1st real battle, help !

    i downloaded the usa and eu version of the game and used iso tool prometheus to sort it out its all fine till the first real battle just goes to a black screen and shuts my psp down, I am using 5.50 gen d (full) and I can play other games fine its just I want to play this one :P if anyone could...
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    cannot run anything, psp crashes, wtf.

    so im now in 6.20 and the only way for me to get pro b7 or tn hen-c is: turn on from hard reset > sleep > turn on now that im in pro b7/tn hen-c, i tried running a game, but the psp will just hang at 'psp game loading' screen. even running a homebrew enabler or updater is the same. wtf is...
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    RemoteJoy now crashes my PC

    RemoteJoy was working fine earlier, as you can see from my other thread where i was asking about the keyboard inputs. I got fed up and tried to map a controller myself. I named it, placed it in the MS_ROOT folder and changed the config file at the bottom where it says '' to...
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    RemoteJoy Lite Crashes

    Hullo all. I just found this site recently, and hacked my PSP less than a week ago primarily thanks to all of the useful guides and information present. My primary purpose for doing so was to be able to use a USB controller and play on a larger screen, and RemoteJoy Lite enabled both of these...
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    UMDGen 4.0 crashes on launch

    I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit). Just downloaded UMDGen 4.0. It crashes upon launch. As per the .chm file, I tried running it in compatibility mode for WinXP. Still crashes. Can anybody tell me what I'm missing? Thank you for your time.
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    Psp 2001 Crashes

    I'm running 5.50 Gen 3d on my psp 2001, and sometimes when playing games either from the mem stick or disc, the game crashes. When playing from disc, the game stops reading and the screen goes black, then the psp makes a pop and shuts off. When playing from mem stick it does the same thing...
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    PSP issues abound: Patapon 3 won't load and Remotejoylite crashes most games.

    I am running 6.20tn-d on a PSP go. Patapon 3 was running great on 6.35pro-b5, but now it freezes upon loading. It is a psn download. The only one that won't work. I think my version.txt is set to 6.39 because I can access psn but spoof version is turned off. Also Remotejoylite 0.19 crashes...
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