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    PhotoFast CR-5400

    Hey there! I just bought a PhotoFast cr-5400 and 2x8gb microSD and i have a couple of problems.. First of all im using a psp slim 2g the card its self fits kinda hard but it in.. when i format the from the psp at the end it says there isint a memortstick inside the psp.. strange?! but okey it...
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    PHOTOFAST CR-5400 for a Phat psp

    i read in another thread that PHOTO FAST CR-5400 may not work on a PSP 1000 and i was looking to upgrade from my 1gb card to as high as i could PHOTOFAST CR-5400 + 2x16GB MICRO SD = 32GB hell yeah! im running 4.01 cfw on phat PSP
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    Advice Req!: Buying a Photofast CR-5400 + 2x8GB SDHC

    Hey fellow pspers! A long long time ago I had a 1002 phat that was well and truly hacked and homebrewed, but I hit a tough spot and had to ebay it for cash :( Time passed and my GF bought me a shiny new brite, yes yes I know about all the things that it isn't, etc ;P Anyhow, seeing as how...
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    PhotoFast CR-5400 SDHC -> ProDuo - Whats the max size of SDHC cardit can use?

    I have seen this ~ It lets you use SDHC cards with a PSP, which is a must for me :) It supports 2 SD cards at one but whats the max size it can support? Thanks, Cam.
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    cr-5400 with 2*16 gb

    Hello First I hope this is the right place to post it. I was thinking of buying a cr-5400 because its a good idea to get some more space on my psp fat. So does anyone know a place/webpage to buy a cr-5400 with 2*16 gb or 2*8 gb memory sticks in Australia, where it is 100% not a fake memory...
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    CR-5400 Bit Too Long?

    I just got my CR-5400 today, and I noticed when I put it in my PSP2000, the cover doesn't close completely, sorta "barely clamped". I'm comparing it with my MSPD and it is about 1mm longer. Anyway to fix it so it fits in properly?
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    Sony/Sandisk MSPD vs. CR-5400

    Well I had a 4 GB stick that I had to give up back in September. Now that I have a little extra money, I was going to buy a replacement. Now reading up on that CR-5400 adapter again, I was wondering how does it hold up against the MSPDs. And wait 32GB microSDHCs out, can you further extend the...
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    Is this PhotoFast CR-5400 genuine?

    So I found a PhotoFast CR-5400 on eBay that costs 5 USD. Here is the link: How much should it cost? Is 5 USD too cheap for it to be genuine? Or no?
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    Help! Did I buy fake PhotoFast CR-5400?

    So I recently bought 2 PhotoFast Cr-5400. And I just want to make sure if they are authentic. Here are the photos of the adapters: As you can see, both adapters have the same serial...
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