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  1. C

    covers & booklets for homebrew & unreleased stuff

    check this out; the guy makes it all himself & its all for sale personally I think he does an awesome job 8-) Flickr
  2. C

    Russian pirate DC games covers

    You know that almost every Dreamcast game till 2005/06 year was fully translated to Russian by several pirate company . And they made their own covers for every Dreamcast game , so i want you check out some covers and tell me what you think about it ! :)
  3. C

    Sonic Adventure International Covers Help

    Ok, my questions are: 1. What did the NTSC-U and PAL covers look like (I found the NTSC-J)? 2. Does anyone have these so an image can be uploaded here? NOTE: I did check dcisozone, DC cover zone, The Cover Project, Segagaga, Covers.cc, etc...no luck. I did find Sonic Adventure Limited...
  4. C

    Dreamcast Custom Covers

    Now I know this is more of a request then anything but if anyone has some massive skills to use paint or whatever to make some custom covers, would you mind to make one for Capcom Fighting collection, you know the one that has a bunch of the games with a bunch of extras. those type of homebrew...
  5. C

    Dreamcast Cases with covers?

    Anybody knows where you can get Dreamcast CD cases with covers from? Or somebody who creates replica's? I found out that K-mart sells the dreamcast Jewel CD cases, but I still need covers or booklets The guy who Adam showcased in that video about custom CD cases said he only does custom stuff...
  6. C

    You might be interested in these Dreamcast covers

    Hi. I've thought you might be interested in this. Lately, a fellow nicknamed Retro-Protect has been selling on Amibay some nice covers for Amiga and Commodore computers. I bought one for my Amiga 1200 and was please with it, so i asked him if he could make one for the Dreamcast. He did it and...
  7. C

    How many Nomad Soul PAL covers exist?

    Hey there, I didn't know that apparently the PAL version of Nomad Soul has at least 3 different covers... Standard Sega Dreamcast NOMAD SOUL PAL Very Good condition boxed David Bowie music | eBay Sega Dreamcast NOMAD SOUL, THE *x Boxed COMPLETE Rare Game PAL UK | eBay French Jeu video Sega...
  8. F

    Dust Covers

    Remember the days when Super Nintendo games came with plastic dust covers? I'm not entirely sure why Nintendo stopped producing them. I've heard different ideas like they weren't bio-degradable or that they were too costly. Whatever the case, I wish Nintendo hadn't stopped. Those things were...
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