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    We have a couple of new ranks

    Programmer & Scriptwriter are available for use now. For any codemakers who make codes for cheat devices or cheatengine.
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    Couple Of Things I Noticed Today....

    Nothing major, just a couple of random observations I made today. Firstly, I noticed for the first time that my PAL copy of Blitz 2000 has nothing written on the spine. Just the swirl and Dreamcast plus a number at the bottom. Nothing to say what game it is. Why I've never noticed this...
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    Rose Pink PSP Hackable? And couple of other ?'s

    I am driving myself crazy trying to figure this out.. I have a 2000 slim PSP from Japan. It is a Rose Pink color. The serial behind battery begins as.. HJ541-- Is the motherboard okay for hacking? I find many guides based on US version PSP. I also do not have the box to check and my firmware...
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