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    ISO "Corrupt Data"

    Greetings, I am brand new to this whole scene and have come across a snag. I successfully put in the 6.35 Pro-B and made sure everything was working. My problem is that ISOs don't seem to be recognized. First I tried a PSX ISO and it wasn't recognized so I used PSX-PSP to convert it and that...
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    Corrupt Save Data on Torky's 6.30 plugin

    Hi guys, I have been playing Gods Eater Burst on my PSP-2000 5.00 M33. I found a version where I can the game without freezing. Only the Tutorial section was freezing other than that everything worked fine. I played the game till the last story mission. I beat the boss and then a cut-scene...
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    Corrupt Data FFIX 6.35 PRO-B7

    Hey i was playing FFIX today (PSN Version... i saved and it was ok... but when i went to a shop it crashed.. then said that it couldn't read the card... now my save data corrupted... is there anyway that i could save it or have i lost it forever :(
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    Everything is corrupt!

    Today my PSP has gone FUBAR. Suddenly it can't play any games (all ISOs are displayed as corrupt, everything in GAMES folder displays as corrupt), nothing happens when I press Select in the XMB, and I can't load the recovery flasher. I used to have a CFW 6.35 Pro B5, but the PSP displays the...
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