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    I have a factory-sealed copy of Bangai-o

    Is there a market for this game? I was thinking of selling it, since I never got around to playing it. I recently found it in a pile of game disks.
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    Xbox a copy of Dreamcast

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    Dreamcast games with Copy Protection save files!

    You guys know what i'm talking about right! Those pesky game save files that are colored in RED instead of the standard BLUE when viewing them on the DC's File Management System. I hate them! They are such a pain because they cannot me copied on to another memory card through the consoles UI and...
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    So I found a copy of Sturmwind in the wild the other day.

    They cannot be serious on that price. Talk about a slap to the face.
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    Project Justice Rival School 2 - Promotional Copy?

    Hi guys hopefully you can help me out, I recently acquired a copy of project justice rival school 2 and upon inspection of the disc it has printed on the middle clear part ''Promotional copy - Not for resale''... although someone at some point has tried to scrub of the resale part. Can anyone...
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    Nintendo TV: Win a Red 3DS and a copy of Tekken

    This month's episode now live in the eShop. The latest epsidoe of Nintendo TV is out now on the eShop and includes a chance to win a flame red 3DS console and a copy of Tekken 3D Prime Edition to go with it. Not a bad deal. Click here to read the full article More...
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    Dissidia: Final Fantasy Copy Protection

    How do you get around the copy protection i cant find it online but i know it exists. If anyone knows and could give me instructions thatd be great. Im on 6.60 PRO B-9 psp brite (3001)
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