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    Sega Saturn to Dreamcast controller converter questions

    I was wondering about the total control 3.. What saturn peripherals are compatible with it and what aren't? I'd like to use a saturn 3D pad with it.
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    DCeric's Review: Linkstyle Component to VGA Converter

    Well I got another review here for you today this time for a gadget that would have been extremely helpful to me but it turns out it runs through the dirt. Now what I was going to use this gadget for was to capture Dreamcast in upscaled 720p. If you didn't know this already the Dreamcast used...
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    A VGA converter to avoid...

    I know there are a bunch of you out there with VGA cable to VGA to HDMI converters out there, and a bunch of threads advising which converters you should get... well... for those interested, a video I put together about one you should avoid... A How-Not-To Guide: Hooking a Dreamcast up to an...
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    Best PSX to PSP converter for 6.35PRO-B3

    I'm having trouble converting a working Final Fantasy 7 Disc set to PSP. I know it works on 6.35PRO-B3, but mine keeps freezing right after selecting new game. I also have a PAL copy of Tomba that I need to patch. So my question is what is the best converter for 6.35PRO-B3? P.S. I do own the...
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