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    Atomiswave games converted to Naomi

    Breaking CPS3 This is big news, as the Atomiswave had some amazing fighters. Once these get converted to the Naomi, the next step should be the DC. I am EXCITED.
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    Interesting DC item on ebay, converted Saturn 3d pad

    A sega saturn 3D pad converted for direct use on a dreamcast. I wonder if the analogue joystick works as well, I don't believe that part tends to work through the various controller converters. I'd pick this up myself if it were for a more reasonable price. Extremely Rare Custom Sega Saturn...
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    Few codes Converted

    Enable Code (Must Be On) 0000FFB6 414C4445 E0EB783C 4AAFEFEA 4BA30106 5B1ED8E8 Hero-Infinite HP 042884C9 FA47BC33 Hero-Infinite MP 8D986262 D376ADB2 Hero-Level 99 B17AEA18 E6353415 Hero-Max AT DB474234 0A9CE4C4 Hero-Max DF CABE79CE 00550000 Hero-Max HP 2184B8AC 4F49B005 Hero-Max...
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