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  1. F

    Games that make you want to break your controller...

    A thread contributed to games that make you want to break your Nintendo 64 controller. Feel free to share the games that made you want to break your Nintendo 64 controller as well. I'll start off... Superman 64...this had to be one of the worst N64 games ever made!
  2. C

    using the dreamcast fishing controller on other games?

    yes, it works with soul calibur as well.
  3. C

    Controller port problems

    I bought a third party controller, made by Performance. It proceeded to fry my controller ports. I have read everything from replacing the "5 ohm resistor" at location F1 on the controller PCB with a 10 ohm resistor, to replacing the ".39 amp pico fuse" at location F1 on the controller PCB with...
  4. C

    Dreamcast not reading controller input

    Ok, so I dig out my dreamcast after a month or so of no use at all, and now the dreamcast won't read the controller input. So, after a good bit of testing, I got my other dreamcast out. It wouldn't read either. So I borrow my friend's controller, still nothing. I try playig quake iii with...
  5. C

    Controller Alternatives

    I have seen new DC controllers in the $17 range, on average, not including the TremorPak or the VMU. I saw the Quantum Figher Pad on sale here: Store Temporarily Closed for Maintenance and wonder if it's as-good, or if there are any other controllers anyone recommends. I would also like to...
  6. C

    DC Yobo Light Gun and Dreamcast Fishing Controller

    I just got an official Sega Dreamcast fishing controller and a Yobo Gameware DC light gun. This will be my first time using this type of controllers. Questions: 1. What is a good game for both of these controllers? 2. I understand the Yobo light gun is compatible with most games, but is it...
  7. C

    I got a Dreamcast controller to work on an XBox 360 and PS3

    XBox 360: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZOJr0652Ps
  8. C

    - Xbox 360 buttons onto Dreamcast controller -

    Well, a new day - a new Dreamcast mod :D Xbox 360 buttons and analog stick onto a Dreamcast controller! Looks awesome if you ask me - kind of like a 'new age' controller! pics- with the mk1 :roll: Comments welcome (another mod I would do for others for a small fee ;) )
  9. C

    - Xbox 360 stick on Dreamcast controller -

    Well I've just finished this new mod - I had to do this, after playing PSO online on my Dreamcast constantly for the last few nights my thumb is red raw -(an I'm a Steelfixer by trade - out of work at minute though :? ) Anyway here's acouple of pictures: 404 Not Found 404 Not Found Well...
  10. C

    Help!!! 360 joystick on DC controller mod

    Hey guy's, I have heard that a few people have replaced their stock joystick with one from a 360. How easy would this be to do, and could somebody explain to me what all I will need to do to succesfully complete the operation. My joystick on mine is squeaky as hell, and I use some kind of...
  11. C

    What US Controller Color/Variants Were avalible?

    Just got my 2nd dreamcast (first I had from 2000-2002), its a Sega Sports edition) And was wondering where I can find a reference list of all the different controller types that were available in the US. I am only interested in First party equipment, and I would like to thank you in advance.
  12. C

    Customized Dreamcast controller

    Hey guys, So I remember the topic on a xbox 360 analog on a dreamcast controller, so doing some searches on youtube....I found this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FE21h87Z5l4 I've tried contacting 50inchDLP, but he hasn't responded....who could I contact to get this done? And does it have...
  13. C

    Fighting Games: DC controller vs JoyStick

    For those who have felt an arcade stick and the DC controller for fighting games, which do you prefer? I bought a Agetec Arcade stick and really like using it, but I find that I'm am a better fighter when using the DC controller. One thing I like about it is the DC's D-pad, one of the best D...
  14. C

    Does anyone know anything about this controller?

    I can't find out anything on it. I did research but came up empty handed. It looks cool and comfortable. Sega Dreamcast DC Rumble Controller Pad | eBay But it's awful cheap.
  15. C

    Sega Saturn to Dreamcast controller converter questions

    I was wondering about the total control 3.. What saturn peripherals are compatible with it and what aren't? I'd like to use a saturn 3D pad with it.
  16. C

    Use PS2 Dual Shock + Saturn controller + PC Keyboard on DC

    Never saw this before, seems cool to use Saturn controller on DC fighters, or ps2 shock controller for Half Life or cheap pc keyboard for Typing of dead : Use PS2 Dual Shock Saturn controller PC Keyboard VMU on Dreamcast w this | eBay
  17. C

    who hate the dreamcast controller?

    don't get me wrong on this thread. but i like the controller but their is one problem. its not great for fighting games. the d-pad isn't that great pad ever for fighting. and i wanna know who hate it from their design. i know their convertor controllers to used the sega saturn or ps2 controller...
  18. C

    Comprehensive list of US, PAL & JAP Controller variants?

    Hello there, Lately I've been researching about DC Controllers but I haven't been able to find a complete list with ALL colors and variats for each region. The closest to a complete list I've seen is on sega-retro, but I can tell that's incomplete: Dreamcast Controller Do you have any...
  19. C

    Dreamcast Controller & VMUs

    What colors of Dreamcast controllers and VMU's are the ones to watch out for? Are the green transparent controllers/vmus worth more?
  20. C

    PS2 Controller to Dreamcast Adapter

    Hey guys, I have a PS2 Arcade joystick and I wanna play some arcade games on it, but the "PS2 Controller to Dreamcast Adapter" is over £20 on ebay. I have a few Dreamcast controllers in the house, would I be able to cut up the cable and make a adapter?
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