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  1. F

    Contra: The Alien Wars ending

    Contra: The Alien Wars - Gameboy - ending Developer: Factor 5 Manufacturer: Konami Year: 1994 Genre: Platform / Shoot 'em up (multi-scrolling) Maximum number of players: 1 No. of levels: 6 Difficulty: medium / high Start over once finished: no
  2. F

    Contra: Shattered Soldier

    Completion BonusesSuccessfully complete the game on the normal difficulty setting with at least a ''B'' rank to unlock the ''Theater'' option, ''Database'' option, and level 5 in training mode. Successfully complete the game with an ''A'' rank to view an alternate ending sequence and unlock...
  3. F

    Contra Advance - The Alien Wars EX (USA)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top Level 2 DarkSerge,StalkerX 73001A6C 0000 33001A6C 0001 Top Level 3 DarkSerge,StalkerX 73001A6C 0000 33001A6C 0002 Top Level 4 DarkSerge,StalkerX 73001A6C 0000 33001A6C 0003 Top Level 5 DarkSerge,StalkerX 73001A6C 0000 33001A6C 0004 Top Special...
  4. F

    Contra GameShark Codes

    1. 010288C8 Infinite Lives
  5. F

    Contra Spirits GameShark Codes

    1. 0103D8C1 Infinite Lives
  6. C

    Contra 4AR Codes

    A couple codes to get things started Arcade Mode: 99 Lives 221CD800 00000063 99 Continues 221CD802 00000063
  7. F

    C : The Contra Adventure Cheat Codes (for Playstation)

    Hidden character At the title screen, press Up(3), R1, L1, R2, L2, Down. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of a tone. Infinite lives At the title screen, press Up, Down, Left, Right, R1, L2, R2, L1. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of a...
  8. F

    Contra: Legacy of War Cheat Codes (for Playstation)

    A couple good button codes At the title screen press the following buttons and if the code works you will hear a sound confirming it. Weapon Select: L2, R2, L1, R1, up, down, down,up. ( When the game starts hold the square and press the triangle.) MoreLives: L2, R2, L1, R1, down, up...
  9. F

    Contra: The Alien Wars

    Level Skip For your password, enter "H 2 F 2." Any time you wish to skip to the end of a level, press Start. Unlimited lives Enter B32R as a password. Level - Password 2 - 3KNT 3 - MDWH 4 - 2S3W 5 - 1Z5C 6 - 1BCD
  10. F

    Contra Hard Corps

    1 RHVA-A6WR Invincible 2 RERT-C6X4 Infinite lives 3 AYCT-AAH4 Start with 5 lives 4 BJCT-AAH4 Start with 10 lives 5 DECT-AAH4 Start with 25 lives 6 GJCT-AAH4 Start with 50 lives 7 NNCT-AAH4 Start with 99 lives 8...
  11. F

    Contra Advance Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Various Codes Level - Novice - Normal 2 - 11111N TYLH1Z FCS5H1 --- Y4HC1B L5P212 34ZWF1 3 - 111113 TYLH1W BHZXZ1 --- WXJD1Z JHSJ1Q KKNCY1 4 - 11111B TYLH1T XLGHSB --- ZWJF1J MGSL1B GP3LQB 5 - G3421N TDN51N C3BV2C 6 - W3MJ1S J4VP1N YY24BD
  12. F

    Contra: Hard Corps Cheat Codes (for Sega Genesis)

    All Weapons (Japanese Version) Pause game play and press Up(2), Down(2), A, Up(2), Down(2), B, Up(2), Down(2),C.
  13. F

    Contra: The Alien Wars

    017-97B-E6A Start with Flame Thrower 077-97B-E6A Start with Crush Gun 087-97B-E6A Start with Homing shot 097-97B-E6A Start with Spread shot 052-B1B-E6E Get 5 smart bombs after you die 092-B1B-E6E Get 9 smart bombs after you die 007-E2C-19E Infinite smart bombs...
  14. F

    Contra: Legacy of war

    CONTRA: LEGACY OF WAR Manual CONTENTS Setup 2 Basic game controls 3 Introduction 4 Getting started 6 Main menu 6 Options screen...
  15. F

    Contra Force game genie codes (for NES)

    Contra Force PAUYTTLE Start all characters with 9 lives TAUYTTLA Start all characters with 6 lives PAUYTTLA Start all characters with 1 life AANVIAPA Infinite lives--all characters
  16. F

    Contra game genie codes (for NES)

    Contra SLAIUZ Start with infinite lives GXIIUX Keep weapons after losing a life SLTIYG Become invincible-- enemies don't shoot at you PEIIXZ Start new life with machine gun ZEIIXZ Start new life with flame-thrower LEIIXZ Start new life...
  17. F

    Contra 3: The Alien Wars Instruction Manual

    Contra 3: The Alien Wars Typed out by [email protected] SNS-CS-USA CONTRA III THE ALIEN WARS INSTRUCTION BOOKLET...
  18. I

    Contra III: The Alien Wars Chat

    Feel free to discuss Contra III: The Alien Wars here. This thread should be used to generally discuss this game. Your personal opinions, thoughts, concerns, and other comments about Contra III: The Alien Wars are all welcome. This is a hard game, some things I like are you can have 2 weapons...
  19. F

    Contra Force Instruction Manual (for NES)

    Contra Force Contra Force Instruction Manual GAME : CONTRA FORCE MAKER : KONAMI RELEASED : 1992 GAME CODE : NES-CR-USA WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF KONAMI Thank you for purchasing Contra Force for the Nintendo Entertainment System. We suggest that you read the following...
  20. F

    Contra Instruction Manual (for NES)

    Contra Contra Instruction Manual How to Play... Contra [Konami] Copyright 1987 Congratulations! You now own the authentic Konami home version of Contra, one of Konami's many original arcade hits. We suggest that you read this instruction manual thoroughly before playing the game...
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