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    Game ID: ACOE-dfe4f87d ----- Source: Codejunkies Max/Infinite Money 02261180 0098967f Infinite Health 02260858 003e7000 Tech Meter Always Full 22261bc0 00000005 Have All Costumes 22261184 000000ff Press Select: Have All Weapons/Food 94000130 000003fb d5000000 00000063 c0000000...
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    Analog stick rubber contact strip

    I'm repairing a PSP 2000 thats analog stick stopped working. I'm pretty sure it's just the rubber strip that's gone bad but I don't want to leave my customer waiting. I was wondering, can I use the contact strip from the analog stick in my 1000 in his 2000? Also, has anyone had any luck with the...
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    Fatal Fury: First Contact Cheat Codes for (Neo Geo Pocket)

    Fight against Alfred Successfully complete the first eight stages without using any continues and finish your opponents with P. Power three or more times or S. Power five or more times. Alfred will appear in the bonus stage. | [Sent by DayleJ] Fight as Alfred Defeat Alfred in the bonus...
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