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    Offical US Dreamcast Accessories: Video Connection Edition

    I recall sometime ago discussing on the forum over the existence of an Official US Sega VGA BOX for Dreamcast. I believe I stood my ground that it was never officially released outside of Japan. However, I just recently realized a few other questions that are worth looking into... -Did Sega...
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    Would someone with internet connection to DC do this?

    Hey everyone, I'm wanting to know what would happen if you connected to the Sonic Adventure 2 homepage on the Dreamcast. I'm curious, would it still work? Thanks EDIT: The site is available with a simple google search!
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    Xbox Live update blocking connection with racing wheels

    Microsoft confirms some customers affected; Newer update solves some problems, triggers others. The June 12th Xbox Live dashboard update has unintentionally jammed connections with a range of wireless steering wheel peripherals, Microsoft has confirmed. Click here to read the full...
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    Connection with PSN has timed out

    PSN worked before I added prom-4 to my GEN-D3. Does anyone know how to fix this? xP
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    PSP Go & WPA2 connection

    Hi there guys, I noticed that my PSP can't connect to a wpa2 router, only wpa. I changed my home router to go with wpa1, but for shure I can't change the security level on the university router. I wanted to know if there is a plugin, an homebrew, or simply an official update that supports...
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    PSP WIFI connection

    There must be some way of connecting my psp to a WPA-PSK (AES) wifi connection?
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    PSP WIFI connection

    There must be some way of connecting my psp to a WPA-PSK (AES) wifi connection?
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    Kinetic Connection (J) game genie and Pro Action Replay Codes (for Sega Game Gear)

    Pro Action Replay Codes: Low Timer Ten/One's Digits - 00D265:00 -Rune
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    City Connection game genie codes (for NES)

    City Connection SZNSTPVG Infinite lives IEKEYIZA Start with double lives AEKEYIZE Start with triple lives SXKPZGVG Infinite oil AXSAPIIA Start with extra oil PEKEIIAA Start on level 1 ZEKEIIAA Start on level 2...
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