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    How to connect dreamcast?

    Hay guys my frist post here and it's late so sorry ahead of time for spelling errors or funny sentance K I have DSL and I was wondering if I had to connect the dreamcast to the pc for internet or can I use a phone jack? I'm also wondering how to earse the internal memory on...
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    Having Trouble Getting Phantasy Star To Connect To Server

    So my broadband adapter arrived today. I got it connected online with a browser idownloaded online. I can't get it to connect to the server. i made an image of this: Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting. but it boots up a white screen and if i put psov2 in...
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    6.35 connect flash3

    I want to connect to the usb flash3 but it does not connect Is there any way to connect?
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    usb wont connect

    i used to connect the same usb into the psp and into the computer all the time and now suddenly its stopped working, i cant find out if its a unknown device or anything like that cause it wont show, it used to show unknown device in the bottom right of my computer and now it wont even say that...
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    How to connect wi-fi from mobile to psp

    i want to connect wifi from my mobile to psp by joikuspot application.
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    Can you connect a PS3 Controller to a PSP 3000, or transfer UMDs to the PSP Go?

    I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place but I thought this would be the best section to post my question in. I own a PSP 1000, a PSP 3000, a PSP Go, and a PS3 (I also own a PS1, PS2 fat, and PS2 Slim but that's not important right now XD). I just recently recieved the Kingdom Hearts...
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    Connect PSP to LAPTOP

    The thing is, I wanna play my PSP on my laptop! (I cant use my tv, unfortanately!) I'm running: Windows 7 x64 PSP: 3003 blue (color is important!) LCFW 6.35 PRO-B3 Is there anyway of doing it? Thanks in advance! Pedro A.
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    Adhoc unable to connect to game room.

    First of all my psp is 1000 with CTF 5.50 GenD3 promethuis 4. My psp couldn't connect to my wifi but I could play adhoc games so I flashed a new NAND and got a brick, fixed it using Pandora and now I can connect to the internet but can't play adhoc games.
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    psp taking too long to connect in PC

    my psp is taking too long just to connect in my PC the last i connect it has no problem but now it taking too long can someone help me with this Tnx in Advance.
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    Psp go wont connect to internet

    Running 6.20 Pro B7. It just...won't connect anymore. Password is right, nothing has changed, using the same router i have had for 5 years. This is weird...i just booted it up and it quit connecting. The wi fi switch is on. The error just says check connection settings. Please help.
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    My PSP will not connect to internet.

    Hello all, first off i have a PSP 3001 that I just upgraded from 6.35 PRO B to 6.39PRO B9, on both of these (the OFW and the CFW) I can not connect to my wifi. My psp finds the connection when i do a scan but when i try to connect it says that there is a connection error. If I go to work I can...
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