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    dreamcast component out?

    This might not even be worth it, but it would be interesting; Sega Genesis Component Video Part 2 - YouTube ^ above a guy figured out how to get his cables to output things like early sega genesis models to component by using a European scart -> component adapter. If they make things like...
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    DCeric's Review: Linkstyle Component to VGA Converter

    Well I got another review here for you today this time for a gadget that would have been extremely helpful to me but it turns out it runs through the dirt. Now what I was going to use this gadget for was to capture Dreamcast in upscaled 720p. If you didn't know this already the Dreamcast used...
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    Sega Dreamcast Component Cableis coming soon!

    Have you seen it? What do you think? hdretrovision.jpg Web site is here as well social links to contact them: In Development — HD Retrovision HD Retrovision - Home | Facebook x HD Retrovision x (@HDRetrovision) on Twitter
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    Component Output Question

    I just got my PSP 2000 all updated and set up with remotejoy so I can use my PS3 controller with it, and will be using the component cables to display on my TV. As we all know, the component cables give you big ugly borders around the game. I read somewhere that there is a plugin or something...
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    Psp component cable help

    Hi guys i have a psp with cfw 6.35 pro b 3. I was wondering if there is any way to get my component cable to display the psp game in full screen?, as at the moment it has a huge black border.:)
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    PSP 3004 Component Cable Problem!!!

    I have PSP 3004 slim and lite and I wanted display my psp screen on my normal TV with 3 pin input av and I've got 5 pins component cable. When I plugged cable on my tv its shows the display but without colour !!! total black and white. My psp is chicken hacked. I try to use fusa plugin on my...
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