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    VGA compatible cheat disc

    What cheat device works with VGA mode? Gameshark? Action Replay? Code Breaker?
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    NAOMI titles that are cross compatible with their DC...

    conversions. More importantly, how do they interact with each other in terms of content and/or features? For those that aren't aware, certain Sega NAOMI releases in Japan were designed to be compatible with their respective home counterparts via the Dreamcast's wonderful VMU (with the right...
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    Anybody know if this Sega brand wireless PS2 controller is compatible with DC?

    I have been eyeing these controllers over the years, and today I started looking more into them and noticed there were 3 colors made. Before I only knew of Blue, but there were Black and White as well. Does anybody own one of these, and does it work with the total control adapters? Wireless...
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    CWcheat for 6.20 compatible with PSX?

    Hi, i just got CWcheats working on my psp and i cant seem to find an option having to do with memory cards. Supposedly from some screenshots i saw, it should be right above "Return to game!" but its not there. It could be that i was testing it out in Monster Hunter but then i went to the PSX...
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    compatible irshell for psp1000.

    which irshell is compatible with my psp1000 running on cfw 5.50 gen-d(full)?
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    is an PSP-3000 LCD screen compatible with a PSP-2000?

    i was just wondering if anyone has tried to replace a broken slim LCD screen for a brite LCD screen? can the brite screen work in a slim console?
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