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    Dreamcast S Video compatability

    I have a VGA box and am very happy with it except that I have a ton of games that are simply incompatible with it. Rather than go back to the normal tv cables, is there a chance that these games would work via S video? I'm thinking mostly of capcom and SNK 2d fighters, Airforce Delta, etc.
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    Sandisk compatability with hacked psps.

    I just recently decided to hack my psp, unfortunately I only have a 1 gigabyte memory card from 2 or 3 years ago which isn't enough space to hold certain games. When I was looking around online for a new memory card I read something about the newer 8 gig and 16 gig memory cards being unable to...
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    ChickHEN FW Compatability and Reinstallation Question

    Does ChickHEN for 5.03 (R2, I think?) work for 5.00 firmware? What is the process for reinstalling ChickHEN and reinstalling Prometheus for 5.00M33-6 once I do a full shutdown of my PSP? Am I right in thinking that all I need to do is download HEN for 5.00 and put the files in the right place...
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    psp compatability?

    aight .. i have a psp 3000 with ofw 6.39 , and another with ofw 6.20 .. been doing alot of research on how to get cfw on it. i'm wanting to get cwcheat on these psps in order to use it on mhfu .. there are so many guides on this site and others concerning these issues that i'm confused as to...
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    Is there a compatability chart for CFW 6.39 PRO B6 ?

    My main reason for asking, Is because I want to get a hold of some apps for my PSP and everything I download is either not compatible or a trojan. My main wants for programs. Play on PC monitor USB Iso Loader Anybody?
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    CFW and PSN compatability questions and more...

    I'm new to modding a PSP and I think I pretty much figured out how to mod my PSP 1001 (6.60 OFW) using these two tutorials (I'm posting them just in case you guys find that there is something wrong or outdated about them)
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