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    Redspotgames announces new commercial DC game!

    Today on the german television show "neues", RSG CEO Max Scharl talked about some random underdog stuff AND... revealed the secret 2011 project: Sturmwind (Stormwind). Looks like another shooter is heading towards our beloved console! It has been in development for 6 years by a german...
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    FreeDO was planned as commercial for Dreamcast ?!

    Browsing FreeDO forum i came accross at one interesting post from feb.2007: I cannot help of posting this because it could be awesome... What do you think ? Source: Login
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    Unreleased commercial DC games, the running tab

    Help me make a list of the officially unreleased dreamcast commercial games. I'm going to separate it into two lists. List one is going to be those unreleased games which saw an unofficial release (IE: were leaked), list two is going to be unreleased games which had definite production work...
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