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    Unused Game Content ~ Mario Bros. Classic (E) PAL NES Unused Mario Bros. Title Screen Theme Song

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    DO you guys like collecting games?

    I'm asking since I was on Gamefaqs and one guy said on a topic I made that collecting is stupid and games should be played. I get were he is coming from but at the same time I like having them too. I mean I have quite a bit of rpgs I haven't beaten yet but I will. Plus I like getting them since...
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    Collecting: Original vs Burned cd's

    So, most I assume most Dreamcast users have at least some burned games, since it's so easy, but what do you do with the burned discs? Hide them away in a disc tray? I toyed with the idea of getting empty cd-cases and printing labels for them, but holy crap how Ghetto would that be, although...
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    NTSC-J collecting - a question for other members

    Hey DC friends, I would love to hear your personal opinion about one thing I've been scratching my head over recently. So, I decided to acquire a Japanese Dreamcast to my collection. Since I already have quite a collection of Japanese Saturn games, which look great on a shelf, I thought I might...
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