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    Sega Studios Australia to close later this year

    Sega Studios Australia, the team behind 2009's Stormrise and London 2012 Olympics, will close "later this year," Sega tells Kotaku. Sega Studios Australia was originally part of The Creative Assembly Australia, responsible for Medieval 2: Total War, but was renamed to work on the Olympics game...
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    HELP. I'm very close to this working! Just need some help!

    Hello! I am trying to hack my psp 1000 TONIGHT. There is no need for me to hack it, I just want to. Ok, here is the deal. I have HEN 6.31 on my psp and there is the icon that all the turorials show. Icon: 631 HEN by Coldbird & VF My problem is, my PSP says that the file is corrupt and the...
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