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    ANIMAL WELL – Release Date Trailer

    ANIMAL WELL – Release Date Trailer
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    South Park Dreamcast Clip

    A Sega Dreamcast - Video Clip | South Park Studios Just a South Park clip I found online, part of an episode where Cartman is trying to save up money for a Sega Dreamcast. I haven't seen it yet, but the link's right there so you can. ;) Also make sure to tell me what you think about it, or...
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    1 Clip 1 Song

    Various Answers Level Answer 1 Bad Day 2 Baby One More Time 3 Poker Face 4 Stronger 5 I'm Yours 6 Nothin On You 7 We Foundlove 8 Dynamite 9 I Gotta Feeling 10 One Thing 11 Give Melove 12 One More Night 13 Paparazzi 14 Whistle 15 Party Rock Anthem
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    Busted LCD Backlight Clip

    A few minutes ago while attempting to finish up moving my PSP1000 into a new shell I managed to snap the top of the LCD backlight clip off. Not the entire clip, mind, but the top. I've tried finding various ways of holding the cable onto the pins, but no luck so far. My screen does still work...
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