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    Procession to Cavalry

    The Procession to Cavalry Producer: Joe Richardson Year: 2020 Genre: Adventure (point and click) Max number of players: 1 No. of levels: n/a Difficulty: medium Start again once it’s over again: no Savestate: no Finishes provided by: Vaz The final sequences:
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    THE as it was meant to be, click and see!

    :) THE As it was meant to be:
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    Should my light gun trigger 'click' when pressed?

    I have a few different rods and guns in my collection, and always prefer the ones with a mechanical 'confirmation' that you've pressed a button, or wound a reel. It's reassuring to feel or hear that 'click' when you pull the trigger. I have 2 rods, an INTERACT one, which gives a lovely...
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