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    Cleaning marker off the DC emblem?

    So one of my Dreamcasts is in pretty horrible cosmetic shape. Now I'm gonna try and scrub off that residue all over the top of it, but I wanted to know the best way to clean the marker that's on the emblem at the top. Any ideas?
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    Cleaning PSP 1000 UMD Drive Laser?

    Hey guys, just have a quick question. My PSP UMD drive's laser is not smudged or dirty or anything, but I would like to clean it, just as a maintenance procedure. What should I use? A q-tip and alcohol? Rubbing alcohol has oily residue I am told, but I do have some N64 cartridge cleaner. What...
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    Super NES Cleaning Kit Instruction Manual

    Super NES Cleaning Kit SNS-A-CT (USA) CLEANING KIT Super NES Cleaning Kit INSTRUCTION MANUAL SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (1) TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE...
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    NES Cleaning Kit Instruction Manual (for NES)

    NES Cleaning Kit --------------------------------------------------------------------- NES CLEANING KIT manual by NINTENDO --------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for purchasing the NES Cleaning Kit(TM). By regularly using this cleaning kit, you will...
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