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    Light up your holiday

    Light up your holiday
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    Dev Diary: Christmas Village | New Festive Adventure

    Dev Diary: Christmas Village | New Festive Adventure
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    Fantasy Life Link!

    Various Passwords To enter a password, go to the Post Office and talk to Aikotoba-san. When entering the password, characters in lowercase are hiragana, characters in all caps are katakana, and characters within brackets are small characters. Effect Password Angel Set (Costume)...
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    Beavis And Butthead Do Christmas

    Mistake: DVD caseOn the back of the case it states "Running Time: Approximately 40 Minutes" However, the running time is actually 52 minutes. The Beavis And Butthead: The Final Judgement disc runs 41 minutes, but is marked with "Running Time: Approximately 50 Minutes". The information for...
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    christmas seaman dreamcast on ebay :shock: :shock: :shock: it enden 5 mins ago, I wanted to do a last minute bid, but it went up from â,¬600 to almost 2000 in the last minute :shock: :shock:
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    Bought Seaman 2 *imported* and Seaman Christmas off ebay

    Can't wait to play it soon,hopes it's fun and hope it's worth bringing out the ole' PS2. I just hope he doesn't speak japanese!
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    Merry Christmas

    ... And Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and whatever else you celebrate (Promotion at work?) What'd you get for the holidays? I got Beatles Rock Band for christmas, along with some MicroSD cards to use with my R4DS.
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    Ghost of Christmas Presents Past

    I was on sports illustrated dot com enjoy Christmas gifts from the '90s PROGRAMMING NOTE: Due to the holiday, I'll be posting a fresh Hot Clicks tomorrow, and then touching it up for Friday. In other words, if you're Christmas isn't...
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    DC Christmas

    Christmas and Dreamcast are synonymous in my world. I think it stems from the excitement of Christmas 1999, the day that many people including myself first had their taste of the white box of wonder. Ahhh, I like what I just said there ! I'm such a sucker for christmas lol Anyway, I like...
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    Merry Christmas!

    Just wishing any/everyone that celebrates! Show off your Dreamcast stuff if you got any this year! I hope I did!
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    Getting any Dreamcast games for Christmas?

    I'm gonna get Quake 3 Arena. :D
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    Ant Smasher Christmas

    Various AchievementsComplete these tasks to unlock achievements and earn points. Achievement How to unlock 10 Points (100 points) You need to score at least 10 points in the Classic game-mode. 100 Points (100 points) You need to score at least 100 points in the Classic game-mode...
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    Christmas Crisis

    code voor oneindige levens en sneeuwballen 25,20,21,21,20,20 nadat je dit ingevoerd hebt moet je op de kerstman drukken.
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    Christmas Lemmings

    Level skip Enter SNOWFLAKES as a password, then press [F5] during game play to advance to the next level with a 100% saved. Level Password 2 IJJLDNCCCN 3 NJLDLCADCY 4 JLDLCINECR
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    Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Break Bones Mini-game Complete the Giant Pumpkin quest. Jump! Mini-game Encounter Lock, Shock and Barrel three times in the graveyard. Pumpkin King Weapon Complete the Witch's Elixir quest.
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    Nintendo dsi and DS: Christmas 2010 Games Line-Up

    Nintendo dsi and DS: Christmas 2010 Games Line-Up Christmas is sort of upon us, so that it provides no real surprise that Nintendo has released information on their title lineup for not merely the Wii the r4 ds as well as. All of these have Q4 launch dates, with many being released as soon as...
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