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    Chickhen R2 Signed not working

    kk, so first of all i was at gen c then i went to prome 3 then accidentally hit uninstall my psp rebooted in ofw i tried using the kxploit signed but it crashed my psp i tried formating and reseting settings but nothing work plz help :blush::'(:(
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    PSP 1000 on 5.03 unable to use ChickHEN R2

    Hello Chaps, I'm having a problem getting chickHEN to run on my PSP. I honestly don't know if i'm going about this in the right way, as all the information i find is pretty old. I pulled out my old PSP fat (that i haven't used for over a year) and it was running firmware 4.0 something, so i...
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    ChickHen help. Freezes and turns off

    Hi Guys. I have a phat psp 1000. I have updated to 5.03 and Im trying to use chickHEN R2. My problem is, no matter how many times Ive tried (must be 100 attempts now) the psp freezes and turns off. Can anone help? I have the files on the memory stick like so H-Bin file in the root of the card...
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    ChickHEN FW Compatability and Reinstallation Question

    Does ChickHEN for 5.03 (R2, I think?) work for 5.00 firmware? What is the process for reinstalling ChickHEN and reinstalling Prometheus for 5.00M33-6 once I do a full shutdown of my PSP? Am I right in thinking that all I need to do is download HEN for 5.00 and put the files in the right place...
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    Help with chickhen

    Need help followed kamenriders video n it didnt work! HELP??? everytime i try n load eggsploit it wont flash green n reboot
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    A problem.. PSP 3001 running ChickHEN 6.20 constantly freezing/shutting off.

    Hi there. I recently hacked my PSP 3001 so I could play some games I couldn't otherwise afford. >>; Everything has been fine up until a few minutes ago; I went to take my PSP off sleep mode, but I saw that it had been shut down instead. I didn't really take note of it, since it had done it once...
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