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    Best Morphs The best morphs are: Tiger (very strong) Lion (a bit weaker than the tiger) Cheetah (good at dodging) Elephant (strong punch attack) Wolf (good against the lion but weak to kangaroo) Hippo (like the elephant but can swim) Orca (like the hippo) Seagull (weak but can fly and dodge well)
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    Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest - Action Replay Codes [US]

    The following are known Action Replay Codes for Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest on Super Nintendo (SNES). These codes are for the U.S. version of the game. Infinite Lives 7E012409 Have Cheetos Bag 7E012602 Infinite Time 7E012109 Have Map 7E012701
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    Chester Cheetah Wild Wild Quest

    1 AA6T-AAFY Infinite lives--EXCEPT RALLY LEVEL 2 AA5A-AABG Start with 0 continues 3 AY5A-AABG Start with 5 continues 4 BE5A-AABG Start with 9 continues 5 AWBT-CA8R Infinite continues 6 ABAA-AAAE Infinite time 7...
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    Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool Game Genie Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool 3CBF-0D69 Infinite life points D469-DFD9 Start with 2 life points DD69-DFD9 Start with 0 life points D965-D7DB Badges worth 5 4965-D7DB Badges worth 25 9D65-D7DB Badges worth 50 A26F-04D4 Infinite credits 3C60-04D9...
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