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    iPhone 15 Check In | New Driver

    iPhone 15 Check In | New Driver View:
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    Check this out!

    Check this video out on youtube! DreamTrooper.....My Portable Dreamcast - YouTube
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    Price Check Thread

    I wasn't sure where to post a question about the value of specific games by the opinion of DC-Talk users, so I figured I'd post a new thread. If there is already one of these and I missed it, please close the thread. I know you can just look at recently completed eBay auctions but they are...
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    New Custom BIOS removes VGA check.

    So, I ran across this Dreamcast Dev called japanese-cake the other day and he seems to have a couple of pretty cool projects going on. However what really intrigued me was his work on developing a custom bios. The custom bios is the standard fare with Devkit intro and region free but it also had...
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    Check out Snoop Dogg's Tekken Tag 2 music video

    Snoop does original production for the upcoming fighter. Namco Bandai has released the music video produced by Snoop Dogg in light of his appearance in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Click here to read the full articleRelated Stories Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 screenshots sneak in Poll results: Media...
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