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  1. F

    The Wild Thornberrys: Chimp Chase - Action Replay Codes [US]

    The following are known Action Replay Codes for The Wild Thornberrys: Chimp Chase on Nintendo Game Boy Advance (GBA). These codes were also known as GameShark Codes and in most cases will work on both devices. These codes are for the U.S. version of the game. Master Code – Must Be On...
  2. F

    Chase H.Q.

    Exra CreditSmash into every oil barrel in Level 2 to gain an extra continue. (NOTE: this cheat code was submitted twice, word for word.)
  3. F

    Mickey's Dangerous Chase

    [h=3]Mickey's Dangerous Chase[/HEADING] Typed out by Jesse Smith Nintendo DMG-MC-USA-2 Y O B MICKEY'S E DANGEROUS M A CHASE G INSTRUCTION BOOKLET TABLE OF...
  4. I

    Lock 'n' Chase

    Warp across screen: Stand inside the upper tunnel and continuously move back and forth while partway off the screen. Your character will eventually disappear and re-appear on the other side of the screen after a period of time. Extra points: Pick up a coin or other bonus and simultaneously...
  5. F

    Magical Chase Cheat Codes (for TurboGrafx)

    60,000 gems Press Left, Down, Right, Up, Select three times, Left, Right, I at the difficulty selection screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry. | [Sent by Neto] Music test Press: Left, Down, Right, Up, Select three times, Left, Right, II at the difficulty selection screen. A...
  6. F

    Chase HQ Secret Police

    Passwords 2 - NDHQ 3 - WVLF 4 - JD1S 5 - NC4Z 6 - BHKT 7 - ZDKW 8 - 14FQ 9 - XVNP 10 - MMQG
  7. F

    Chase HQ

    Level Select At the Title screen, hold Down + A + B and press Start. Now press A or B to select a level and stage.
  8. F

    Wild Thornberrys: Chimp Chase Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Level Passwords Level - Password Jungle 2 - 4S7JXTJ3 Jungle 3 - 473H1SZD Plains 1 - B147T3B2 Plains 2 - 4DZZFB7F Plains 3 - Y5TSGWK2 Arctic 1 - 6GRHJ74W Arctic 2 - KF3W?6Jr Arctic 3 - MR8594NJ Outback 1 - 8!YJCDH4 Outback 2 - !!2VKJFS Outback 3 - NDC4SJ3S End - M661M8LB
  9. F

    Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Cheat Mode At the password screen, enter CHTMD2 to unlock the following abilities during game play: Password - Effect Hold select and press L - Current character gets caught by the Phantom Virus B - Cycle through all the sounds in the game Hold Select and press R - Skip Level Hold...
  10. F

    Kid Klown in Crazy Chase Cheat Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Level select At the Title Screen take both controllers and hold down the Left and Right Buttons. Then press the correct buttons for the Level that you want to warp to. Level 2 - Hit A on both Controllers. Level 3 - Hit B on both Controllers. Level 4 - Hit X on both Controllers. Level 5 - Hit Y...
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