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    psp-2004 not charging

    i hv a psp 2004 that s not chanrging any more. i need ur help to fix this. "i need schema" plz it s urgent.
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    why pspgo has no sound while charging?

    can you help me to mod my pspgo i want sounds while charging pls help me thanks! :D
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    PSP Go charging question

    Hi all, ever since I bought my PSP Go back in November Ive charged it at the PC. It charges slowly and there is no indicator that it charges or what percentage of battery it has left, unlike the older PSPs (why, Sony?) but last night my PSP Go died completely and I decided to charge it with the...
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    charging a pandora battery

    now I know you don't need a pandora battery to hack the psp, only need it if there is a full brick. but I'm about to try upgrading my psp 1000 from 5.00m33-6 to 6.39me-9/6.39pro-b8, I'm a bit paranoid after the last time I tried upgrading my psp 1000( a few years back) and bricked it(thus had to...
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