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    Dragon Quest X screens offer a look at changing weather

    From hot springs to desert ranges and snowy mountains. Square Enix has released a new batch of Dragon Quest X screenshots which apparently give you a tour of the so-called Ogleed region. Click here to read the full article More...
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    Wii U hardware 'changing constantly', claims Team Ninja

    Next-gen development 'very easy' and 'like PS3/360'. The Wii U hardware is currently changing "constantly," Ninja Gaiden 3 developer, Team Ninja has claimed. Click here to read the full article More...
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    Do I need to rehack on 6.35 pro when changing memory card?

    Hello all, I am getting a new memory card for my psp with a larger capacity, and will be giving my current card to my girlfriend for a psp that I just bought her. I am running 6.35 pro b3, and she has ofw 6.35. I was wondering two things: 1: Will I need to rehack my psp when I get my new...
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    Changing my firmware

    My psp is running on 5.03 M-33 but i want to update it.Can anyone teach me how?
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    changing ofw 5.03 to 5.50 kernel.

    I've been using prome 4 untill yesterday when it crashed. And it reverted back to 5.03 ofw. btw I changed my firmware via chickhen>gen-c>prome 4. my friend told me that chickhen was unstable and is causing my hack to revert back to ofw. I was told that 5.50 kernel was stable. So I would like to...
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    Changing names in Savegames?

    Id love to be able to change names in psp saves somehow. Mostly because I change my mind on a name halfway through a game often or I want to use a 100% to mess around in without having some silly long annoying name in places (like MGS:PW or DJMAXP3 for example). Anyway to do this? Im on a...
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    Need help changing custom firmware from 6.35 Hen to something with emulators.

    Hi. my current psp is a psp 1001, and i would like to have it running a cfw that is capable of running emulators...i would like to run ps1 emulators, nes, snes and gameboy emulators...i currently do not have a pandora's battery my psp is running 635Hen by coldbird and virtuous flame, and...
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    changing fonts

    Could anyone provide any tips on changing the font in a homebrew or an emulator (like GeMP for the GBA) ? [I'd really like to change the fonts for a few of my homebrew, to make them better & more legible.] Thanks in advance for any help !! :D
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