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    Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

    3 Roots NeededSearch the left side of Hagrid's Hut, by the Herbology Center. From there, they all scatter (much like Neville's china set) behind Hagrid's Hut towards the Forbidden Forest. The person that wants these will give you the key to the Confiscated Items Room (six more cards and a...
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    Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets

    Another way of quick beans When you get your Nimbus 2000 you can fly above hogwarts and go through rings. A blue ring is 10 beans a yellow ring is 1 bean and a red ring is 3 and a green ring is 2. Beat Proffeser Quirrel After you've gotten past Fluffy, The Devil's Snare, The Winged Keys...
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    Blast Chamber

    -Infinite Lives: At the main menu screen press Square, Left, Square, Right, Circle, Down, Circle, Up. In the games menu choose Sole Survivor mode. Return to the main menu and begin your game.
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    Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Finding the crystals Some of the crystals are inside icicles. To get them you must use the 'flipendo' spell. Those that are inside carts you can get by using the B button.
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    Blast chamber

    BLAST CHAMBER ============================================== TABLE OF CONTENTS Starting Up 2 Multi Tap 2 Game Controls 3 2096...
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