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    New CFW's

    I have 5.50 prome 4 in a fat psp. Should i update to any of the permanent cfw's like 6.35 M33-3 v2? why?
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    About CFW's

    For a long time i used 5.55 gen-d guys and than i upgraded the version of my psp-1000 to 6.35 for playing the god eater burst and some new games... than i learned that 6.35 is not a permanent cfw so than i downgraded it to 6.20 pro nightly... So here is the question and problem of mine : i...
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    okay so many CFWs, which one is the best?

    Decided I want to update my psp, im currently on 6.20TN with psp 3000, so I wanna know which CFW is the best to use currently, which one is good and can use cheats, and can do ps1 popsloader , and can can fully use the CXMB, and has the permanent patch on the 6.60FW? I've checked out PRO but I...
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