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    Dreamcast Rip with LBA 45000 Position + cdda Tracks ???

    Hello, I am making a Rip on a 99 Min Disc of Shenmue 2. The Problem is, the game don't work on other LBA's as the Original LBA 45000. If I make a Release on the LBA's 11700 or 11702 it don't work with any hack. But I have try it on the Original LBA and it work without any hacking of...
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    CDDA games problems!

    Good morning to everyone! I'm writing here since I've got a problem with DC cdda games. I ripped some of my games (some with, some without cdda), but I've got some difficulties in finalizing cdda games. I mean, I'm trying to integrate cdda tracks into three games (Sega GT, Wetrix+ and Gigawing...
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    Question about CDDA and Dreamcast homebrew

    So, I've recently realized that all of the DC indie releases that I've bought so far have the audio encoded as CDDA. What I'm wondering is: Is this really bad for my GD-reader? 'Cos IIRC, games that stream audio directly from the disk put more strain on the GD-read. I think a lot of earlier SNK...
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