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    dreamcast cant read GD-ROM but CD-R backups work fine, EDIT

    this is a really strange problem finally found my old GD-ROMS and tried them today and ALL of them wouldnt work but if i throw any cdr backup in there it works 100% of the time any idea whats going on here?
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    Does the brand of CD-R matter?

    So I'm a noob to the whole burning games thing. I just bought a new Dreamcast a few weeks ago to replace my old broken one and decided to buy 50 blank Dynex CD-Rs so I could play some unreleased/freeware games on it. I downloaded Discjuggler and Alcohol 120% and burnt a few games. First game I...
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    CD-R 99min CD-R's HOW TO

    I just wanted to make this post because there is not much that I know about the 99min CD-R, but I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way so hopefully through this topic everyone who is on the same boat as me will be able to burn bigger and badder games on the ancient fossil that is the...
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    Does everyone's dreamcast make such awful noises? (CD-R)

    when playing burned games my dreamcasts laser motor just goes back and forth continuously is this normal?
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    Which oversize CD-R working in the DC

    Hey Guys, I have the idea to make a list of oversized CD-R Brands, which works for the Dreamcast or don't work. I begin with my experiences CD-R which work fine: Magnavox [90 Min / 800 MB] TDK [90 Min / 800 MB] Memorex [90 Min / 800 MB] Primeon Printable [90 Min / 800 MB] Intenso [99...
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    Posters' Coasters - CD-R Records/stories/etc.

    I've been thinking lately about how CD-Rs are a limited resource that are pretty easy to squander. Especially if you're like me and you use burning/labelling discs to procrastinate. Burns go bad, wrong images get chosen, etc. So I thought I'd look at how everyone else uses their spindles. How...
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