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    Is there a game categories version for 6.60 PRO-C ?

    I've been looking but i can't seem to get any version to work on my psp 1000
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    Missing games from XMB w/ Games Categories

    I've noticed that a few backups that I throw in to root:\ISOS\CAT_Disc Games\ don't show up, whereas every bother category I use shows everything I put in it. Mind you, I've only noticed this so far with Crimson Room Reverse and Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle. This is pretty much how I...
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    Sorting with Game Categories Light

    I have searched all over for a solution to this but nothing I have across has worked. I have installed Game Categories Light and created folders with no problems. However I am unable to find a way of sorting either the folders or the applications in the folders. I have tried both...
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    Game Categories Lite wont Load ISO Game Video

    Game Categories Lite wont load ISO game videos like when you go to click it, it changes the background and has a little small video playing with music. I just like that feature that's all. Does this do it to you too?
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    psp 3000 6.35 pro b9 beta , how to make game categories folders?

    plz help me guys , i have tried everything b4 posting here, when evr i click on ms in game menu in vsh , it gives me my games and homebrew , if i press square , it gives me 5 folders named neogoe playstation one and psp etc , they are present by default as u must know , if i press triangle , it...
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