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    Pokedex 3D

    Easy Pokemon A new pokemon can be obtained once a day via spot pass. If you change the date on the 3ds when you go back into the game you get the message that a new pokemon has arrived. Do this indefinitely to catch 'em all.
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    KnightByte Network 3x Fresh WIPE 24/7 Uptime | Nightly Server Restarts Experience seamless gameplay with our dedicated server, ensuring you never miss a moment in the KnightByte adventure. Regular nightly restarts keep the server running smoothly for an optimal gaming experience. Triple Experience...
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    Iwata: Xbox Live and PSN are too far developed for Nintendo to catch up

    Current online platforms 'not particularly well suited' to the Nintendo approach. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata believes that the numerous years Sony and Microsoft have spent developing their online platforms has left Nintendo behind and that rushing to "overcome or catch up" to them wouldn't...
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